Friday, 5 July 2013

Week 3: It's a plan! on the farm

Colours: green, brown, red
Shapes: square, crecent
letter: F
Sensory: Vegetable garden sensory box or muddy pigs
Science: Sprouting beans

Monday: Corn on the cob painting
Tuesday: Corn bread muffins (I am totally going to use a mix that I have on hand!)
Wednesday: Cow foot print or handprint
Thursday: red barn collage (Use an outline of a barn, children tear pieces of tissue paper/ paper and stick on)
Friday: Chicken mask

Shopping list:
Corn on the cob
ingredients for muffins
paper plates
tissue paper/ magazines
cotton wool
things for the sensory box
cornstarch, food colouring and pigs for muddy pigs

Have fun everyone! 

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