Friday, 5 July 2013

Week 2 : it's a plan! Exploring great artists

I have to give a LOT of credit to Red Ted Art, for this week's inspiration! Her projects are nothing short of fantastic!

Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow
Shapes: Circle, rectangle, triangle
Letter: A
Sensory: Free painting / window painting (Recipe here)
Science: melting ice cubes/ colour mixing (Make red, yellow and blue ice cubes, melt together in water with different temperatures)

We will look for works by the artists and discuss their techniques and use of colour before we do our crafts this week)
Monday: Anothy Gormley sculptures with play dough (seriously the best play dough recipe ever!)
Tuesday: Kandinsky finger painting  (This doubles as the sensory activitity!)
Wednesday: Jackson Pollack marble painting
Thursday: Picasso sandwiches (Cut slices of bread into circles, give children a variety of food to create their own self portraits)
Friday: Matisse cut outs

Bonus: Obliteration room  This was so cool, it needed a special mention!

Shopping list:
Red, blue and yellow paint
baby oil
cream of tartar
food colouring
bright coloured card stock
dish soap
glue sticks
circle stickers
large sheets of white paper
ingredients for sandwiches
shallow pan

Have fun everyone!

Round up! 

Play dough, ready for the week! 

Cleaning the windows for window painting! 
There was a thunder shower outside, so we decided to paint on the inside! 
Isn't it lovely? 
Matisse cut outs 

Supplies for self portraits 

 We had an event this weekend called the "Art walk". Local artists line the side walks for several blocks. Here is Kermit appreciating his grandma's work! 

I hope everyone had fun this week! I am having a hard time getting anything done, the weather has been so gorgeous here, we just want to be outside! 


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