Friday 26 July 2013

Week 5: It's a plan! Pirates

Colours: Red, yellow, black
Shapes: crescent, oval
Sensory : cloud dough treasure hunt. (add jewels/ coins)
Science : Sink or float boats

Monday: Tuna sandwiches
Tuesday: TP roll parrot
Wednesday: Newspaper hat and eye patch
Thursday: Spyglass
Friday: Handprint pirate ship

Shopping list:
Empty TP roll
card stock
googly eyes
News paper or large sheets of paper
mayo bread
empty paper towel roll
Aluminium foil
Red plastic cups

Friday 19 July 2013

Week 4: It's a plan! Dr Seuss

Colours: Pastels (explore mixing colours with white)
Letter: S
Shapes: Circle, Oval, rectangle
Sensory: water beads

 Lorax snack find inspiration here and here
Monday: Truffula tree forest
Tuesday: Hop on pop hop scotch and exploding chalk
Wednesday: One fish, two fish goldfish graphing
Thursday: The foot book craft, here is a whole bunch of activities
Friday: Yertle the turtle stacking

Shopping list:
Food colouring
tissue paper
popsicle sticks
baking soda
sidewalk chalk
card stock
goldfish/ Swedish fish

Have fun everyone!

Monday started off with the Lorax, we made a Truffula tree forest and had a Lorax snack

It was also a "good day for up!" We went to a local fair and rode the Ferris wheel

We read "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" and used some Swedish fish for graphing
We took the fun over to Gramdma's house and hung out with our little cousin. We read "Hop on pop" and then played with the water beads, and made exploding chalk

Of course the clean up so much fun too

Friday 5 July 2013

Week 3: It's a plan! on the farm

Colours: green, brown, red
Shapes: square, crecent
letter: F
Sensory: Vegetable garden sensory box or muddy pigs
Science: Sprouting beans

Monday: Corn on the cob painting
Tuesday: Corn bread muffins (I am totally going to use a mix that I have on hand!)
Wednesday: Cow foot print or handprint
Thursday: red barn collage (Use an outline of a barn, children tear pieces of tissue paper/ paper and stick on)
Friday: Chicken mask

Shopping list:
Corn on the cob
ingredients for muffins
paper plates
tissue paper/ magazines
cotton wool
things for the sensory box
cornstarch, food colouring and pigs for muddy pigs

Have fun everyone! 

Week 2 : it's a plan! Exploring great artists

I have to give a LOT of credit to Red Ted Art, for this week's inspiration! Her projects are nothing short of fantastic!

Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow
Shapes: Circle, rectangle, triangle
Letter: A
Sensory: Free painting / window painting (Recipe here)
Science: melting ice cubes/ colour mixing (Make red, yellow and blue ice cubes, melt together in water with different temperatures)

We will look for works by the artists and discuss their techniques and use of colour before we do our crafts this week)
Monday: Anothy Gormley sculptures with play dough (seriously the best play dough recipe ever!)
Tuesday: Kandinsky finger painting  (This doubles as the sensory activitity!)
Wednesday: Jackson Pollack marble painting
Thursday: Picasso sandwiches (Cut slices of bread into circles, give children a variety of food to create their own self portraits)
Friday: Matisse cut outs

Bonus: Obliteration room  This was so cool, it needed a special mention!

Shopping list:
Red, blue and yellow paint
baby oil
cream of tartar
food colouring
bright coloured card stock
dish soap
glue sticks
circle stickers
large sheets of white paper
ingredients for sandwiches
shallow pan

Have fun everyone!

Round up! 

Play dough, ready for the week! 

Cleaning the windows for window painting! 
There was a thunder shower outside, so we decided to paint on the inside! 
Isn't it lovely? 
Matisse cut outs 

Supplies for self portraits 

 We had an event this weekend called the "Art walk". Local artists line the side walks for several blocks. Here is Kermit appreciating his grandma's work! 

I hope everyone had fun this week! I am having a hard time getting anything done, the weather has been so gorgeous here, we just want to be outside! 


Wednesday 3 July 2013

Week 1: It's a plan! Reptiles

Colours: green/ brown
Shapes: triangle, circle
Letter: R
Sensory: playdough

Monday: Turtles made from Kiwis and grapes
Tuesday: Spiral snake
Wednesday: Egg carton frogs
Thursday: popsicle stick lizzard
Friday: Dragon eggs
Field trip: We'll be going to a local nature centre

Supply list:
food colouring
popsickle stick
pipe cleaners
card stock

Sunday 2 June 2013

Summer camp at home!

As you know, I love playing with my children. The summer is a perfect time for us to spend a lot of time together, and last year I decided to have a plan for each week of our summer holidays or we were likely to spend it watching TV.

All in all we will have 12 weeks of time off school with Tad, and 9 with Kermit. I have a plan for each of those weeks, centered around a theme. There will be cooking activities, crafts, sensory play, field trips, science, fine-motor development and lots of fun!

Follow along and have loads of fun!

Monday 18 March 2013

The round up: St Patrick's day!

Our weekend turned out to be crazy busy! We ended up not getting around to all of the crafts that we had planned. Kermit did not have school on Friday morning, so we quickly whipped up a batch of the Mint chocolate chip cookies. We used the cookie mix from Glutino, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! Kermit was lucky enough to take one of the cookies to school, along with other green snacks!

Mint choc chip cookie, ready to be baked
Tadpole kept asking if it was Ice-cream!
Green lunch for Kermit!

When Kermit came home from school, we did a little science, we divided the carnations between the mason jars, and added the food colouring. Kermit had a great time telling Tadpole which colours to mix! We kept an eye on the flowers all through the weekend, within a few hours we saw colour creeping into the petals, especially the green ones. The results were not as dramatic as we anticipated, but there was definitely a change.


I surprised the boys with a Shamrock bath on Saturday morning. I added green food colouring to the water(Apparently it doesn't affect the colour of your tub or your children!)  I found a big pack of the craft foam shamrocks on sale a few weeks ago. When they are wet, they stick to the side of the bath. The boys had a great time playing with those, it turned into a little math activity as they made patterns all around the sides of the bath.

For snack we combined Bananas, frozen mango and Spinach, Vanilla drinking yoghurt and milk to make our Shamrock smoothies. Tadpole had it behind his ears and in his eyebrows. They loved it!
We made the play dough after snack time, Kermit really enjoyed reading the recipe and measuring the ingredients. They used the cookie cutters, pom poms and tools to make many wonderful creations! I loved the recipe too. It was quick and easy. I totally cheated and used my big mixer with the dough hook attachment to knead it.

We enjoyed a Leprechaun's lunch. Shamrock omelettes with Spinach, rainbow peppers and "gold coins" at the end of the rainbow!

I wish we had more time to get around to all the other fun we had planned! We'll try again next year! What did you get up to?
Happy playing!