Friday 19 July 2013

Week 4: It's a plan! Dr Seuss

Colours: Pastels (explore mixing colours with white)
Letter: S
Shapes: Circle, Oval, rectangle
Sensory: water beads

 Lorax snack find inspiration here and here
Monday: Truffula tree forest
Tuesday: Hop on pop hop scotch and exploding chalk
Wednesday: One fish, two fish goldfish graphing
Thursday: The foot book craft, here is a whole bunch of activities
Friday: Yertle the turtle stacking

Shopping list:
Food colouring
tissue paper
popsicle sticks
baking soda
sidewalk chalk
card stock
goldfish/ Swedish fish

Have fun everyone!

Monday started off with the Lorax, we made a Truffula tree forest and had a Lorax snack

It was also a "good day for up!" We went to a local fair and rode the Ferris wheel

We read "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" and used some Swedish fish for graphing
We took the fun over to Gramdma's house and hung out with our little cousin. We read "Hop on pop" and then played with the water beads, and made exploding chalk

Of course the clean up so much fun too

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