Monday, 18 March 2013

It's a plan! Easter & Spring.

Easter is one of my favourite holidays to celebrate, it is such a wonderful time of new life. We are fortunate to have the week before Easter off as well. As usual, I plan to do lots of crafts, cooking and exploring with the boys. Seeing as Easter is a religious holiday for us, some of the activities are based in Christianity. I have provided alternative activities on those days. We may not get around to doing everything, but we'll sure try!

Colours: pastels (explore mixing bright colours with white)
Sensory: Garden sensory tub
Play dough: pink, purple and yellow (cooked play dough made with baby oil)
 Friday: Tape resist Easter eggs. Putti's world tells you how.

Saturday: Dipped and decorated rice crispy treat eggs and bunnies, Kermit is able to read the recipe on the box, and he's been begging me to make these!

Sunday: family day!

Monday: Naturally dyed Easter eggs, find ideas for natural dyes here

Tuesday: Bunny hand prints, I think these are adorable! They might turn into cards!

Wednesday:Game day!

Thursday: Coffee filter flowers and carrots (We may take the easy road and just colour the coffee filters with markers and spray with water)

Friday: resurrection cookies / Easter treats

Saturday: Stained glass crosses and eggs

Sunday: Easter egg hunt, get some great ideas non candy egg fillers here.

Monday: Field trip!

Shopping list:
White eggs
Red and yellow onion skins
(anything else you may need for natural dyes)
Ingredients for treats
Tissue paper
Black card stock
Contact paper
Coffee filters
Food colouring
Sticky tape
Supplies for your sensory tub
Baby oil
Cream of tartar

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